4 Frequently Asked Baking Questions Answered: Cakes and Cupcakes

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hi I'm Beth Somers from the WiltonTest Kitchen and I am going to take you through some commonly asked questionsabout cake and cupcake baking lets get started, my first question is cancake recipes also be used as cupcake recipes and the answer is absolutely what you'regoing to want to do is adjust to the baking time for cake recipe down for cupcakes, filla baking cup in a muffin pan about two-thirds full with cakebatter and almost every single cupcake recipe is going tobake somewhere between 18 and 22 minutes you're going to checkyour cupcakes for doneness the same way you would with the cake by inserting a toothpick right into thecenter of one or two of those cupcakes and they will be done when toothpickcomes out completely clean so now you have just as many cupcakerecipes as you have cake recipes my next question is how can I adjust theflavor of my cakes and cupcakes at the really great question say forexample you have a really great yellow or white cake recipe that you've come torely on and it works great there's a ton ofdifferent ways that you can use that exact same batter for a lot of different flavors you coulduse the zest of citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges are even grapefruits toadd zesty fruity note to your cake, groundspices also work great I have some cloves hereground cloves would be perfect cinnamon obviously is great fresh groundnutmeg or even ginger, crystallized ginger orground things like that what add great flavor to your cakes without messing with the proportion ofthe other ingredients you can also use concentrated flavor extracts a lot of baked goods most bakedgoods will already include vanilla extract but have you tried almond extract orlemon there's a ton of different extracts available to you in your grocery storefor take a peek down the aisles and get creative now what you aregoing to want to stay away from is adding really acidic things inplace have for example milk don't substitute outorange juice for milk for example or coffee for milkbecause it's going to raise the pH of your cake and the ingredientswill start to interact with each other differently and the cake will not rise properly allthese things are great ways to change out the flavor of your cake and then actually is going to lead meright into my next question which is if I have a favorite yellow orwhite cake recipe can i just add cocoa powder or chocolateto make a chocolate cake we get this question a lot andunfortunately the answer is probably not in this again is going back to the acidityportion of baking a really great yellow or white cakerecipe is probably almost always leveled with just baking powder and acidic ingredients like cocoa powderor melted chocolate or orange juice or coffee like Imentioned before need to have some baking soda also because baking soda is a leavening agent that reacts to acidity and without it your cakes will probably have a big hole right in the middle opt to get a favorite chocolate cakerecipe as well as your favorite yellow or white and go from there as opposed toadjusting one.

How can I adjust recipes to fit different size pans once you become an experienced bakerwith an eight or nine inch pan the next logical thing is to move up toanother size that maybe it's just nine by thirteen sheet pan or maybe you're gonna go bigger do a 10inch, 12 inch cakes maybe you are going to do a wedding cake and that's great and there's a reallyreally helpful tool on wilton.

Com called the cake baking and servingchart, we've already figured all this out for you all you need to know is how many cups ofbatter your current recipe makes this chart will give you all of theamounts of batter in cup sizes that you need for a varietyof pan sizes and pan shapes so you'll be able tofigure out how many times you need to make your recipe double, triple it whatever you need todo to fit every single size pan it will also give you an approximatebaking time and whether or not you need to adjust the temperature of your oven or use a heating core for best results.

If you have other cake and cupcake questions feel free to ask them in thecomments below and I'll see you next time.

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