French Baguette Bread Recipe : Mix Yeast & Flour for Baguette Bread Recipes

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Hi I am Brandon Sarkis on behalf of ExpertVillage and today I am going to show you how to make a real French baguette.

We are goingto mix this right into our bowl.

Here is the fun part.

You get to use your hands again.

Make sure that you don't have any jewelry on and that your hands are nice and clean.

I just washed mine again.

Although it should be noted also that when dealing with yeastor dealing with anything you are going to cook with your hands don't use any soaps thathave any strong perfume smells in them or don't use any hand sanitizers with the alcohol.

If you are going to do that make sure you rinse it off because the alcohol will killthe yeast.

What we are doing is that we are going to play with this for several minutes.

I just got one finger and I am just stirring it up with my finger for the time being becauseI might have to add a little more of that salt mixture.

It is looking a little wet still.

We want it to actually form something resembling a dough.

Let's put a little more of that inthere.

Like I say I don't want it like pizza dough but I do want it to look at least somethinglike a dough.

See how it is looking now.

It is starting to pull away from the sides ofthe bowl.

That is what I am looking for.

Also if you are going to do something like thismake sure you cut your fingernails because you may have some gnarly stuff under yourfingernails or you could be carrying some pretty gnarly stuff under your fingernails.

I am just using my finger.

I guess you could do this in a mixer but you are not makingit the way that you are supposed to.

You are supposed to get your hands dirty when youare cooking because that is the fun part.

I am also making sure that I am pressing tothe bottom of the bowl to make sure that there are no flour lumps stuck to the bottom ofthe bowl which I can tell there is not right now.

It is still coming up a little bit wet.

See it is still a little gooey.

Oh you know what, what's a little more flour.

This shoulddo it right here.

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