Home Brew Porter Beer Recipe : Using Yeast, Water & Moss For Home Brewing Porter Beer

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Hi, I'm Mark Emiley on behalf of Expert Village.

In this segment we are going to continue our discussion of main ingredients to cover yeast,water, and other adjuncts you may be adding.

Next, we have water which is actually whatmost of beer is.

Most tap water should be fine for brewing extracted brews.

The onething I would recommend doing is use a Brita filter or something to remove the chlorine.

Otherwise, you should be good to go.

The next, final main ingredient is going to be yeast.

Now there are a bunch of different strains of beer yeast out there.

There are dry forms,there are liquid forms; some come in these snack packs, some come in tubes.

Today, sincewe are going to be trying to do the most simple form that we can, we are going to be workingoff of dry yeast.

In particular, I recommend the Fermentis brand as they put out some greatstrains.

Some other things that we are going to be adding to our beer later is Irish Moss,which is actually a form of seaweed.

This is going to help clarify our beer.

Sometimes,you may actually add an adjunct which is a non-malt extract of some sort.

This in particularis a rice extract.

And the last major thing we are going to be adding to our beer is dextroseor priming sugar.

And this will help our bottles carbonate as they age.

Thank you.

In our nextsegment, we'll talk about the equipment that you are going to need to start brewing.

Source: Youtube