ONE HOUR Meal Prep!? Meal Prepping Ideas For Beginners

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Hi guys! It's Alyssia.

So this week, sincewe aren't launching season three until next week, I thought we would do a back-to-schoolmeal prep episode or video.

Just to talk about some ideas.

End of August, early Septembergets really busy for whether you are going back to high school or college or even ifyou're a mom, this time of year just really picks up and we don't have as much time toprep food.

Or maybe you haven't been prepping but now it's like a fresh start and you wantto jump back on the health wagon.

So meal prep, people always ask for meal prep ideasand you can do crazy meal prep.

You’ve seen the photos where it's like sevendays of tons of Tupperwares and they’re in the fridge or on the table, laid out andit's all the same thing.

And that is awesome because if you follow that, you will totallysucceed.

But it doesn't work for me because (a) I don't want to eat the same thing everysingle day, and (b) I never have that kind of time to make seven days' worth of mealsat once.

Even though I know the logic is, it's easier, you make it all one time andthen you don't have to make anything the rest of the week.

But I don't have five or sixhours on Sunday to do that.

So I don't do that.

I eat different things every singleday to keep it interesting.

Especially when you're eating healthy you feel like if I eatthe same things I get so bored and I just want to stop eating healthy altogether.

Sotrying to keep it interesting really helps for me.

So, my meal prep – I'm going to tell you abouta little later – but pretty much I spend about one hour on Sunday doing all of my meal prepfor the week and then kind of space the rest out through the other days.

So, I'm goingto share some of my staple, on-the-go breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and some snacks.

Andyou can try these out, you can try your own out.

For breakfast, I love, love, love overnightoats.

So, if you don't know what overnight oats are by now, I don't know what, but youneed to click the link, wherever it is, for my overnight oats episode.

Because it will tell you exactly what it isbut pretty much it's oats and a bunch of other stuff in a jar.

You stir it up and you leaveit in the ‘fridge overnight.

In the morning you wake up, it's ready to go, cold.

So youcan take it to school or work.

Whether you are on a bus or train or car – I guess youshouldn't eat it while you’re driving – but you get what I'm saying.

It's portable andthat's the idea with busy on-the-go stuff, right? Because we want to be able to takeit with us.

So some other good breakfast ideas: I've got my two ingredient energy bars whichare no-bake.

We did an episode Two-Ingredient Takeover on those.

Check it out.

Fruit andyogurt.

That's another one of my go-tos when I'm shorton time.

Usually it's not quite enough for me so I have to add some kind of protein powderor something to make it a little more substantial.

But it's a good option.

Muffins: I love muffins.

And I love mini muffins because I can eat more of them.

So I have a ton of mini muffinrecipes.

I make them on the weekend.

I keep them for the whole week.

They freeze reallywell.

My Vegetarian Breakfast Bake.

I did an episode on that.

Check it out.

You makeit on the weekend and it lasts the entire week.

And that's really good for lunch anddinner too, not just breakfast.

And of course my egg muffins.

So egg muffins, I haven'ttalked about in a while.

I posted them on Instagram a long time ago but pretty muchit's like a little mini quiche.

You bake up – you just pour either eggs, egg whites, eggsubstitute, whatever into little muffin tins with vegetables, bake them up and then that'sit.

You put them in the fridge and you can eat them cold or warm but they’re greaton the go.

Alright, on to lunch.

So I know everyone doesn'thave access to a kitchen during lunchtime.

You can't always cook something healthy butyou can always bring something healthy.

So it does take some planning.

There's no wayaround it.

Especially if you’re going to go out to eat and it's expensive.

You don'twant to have to pick something healthy when you go out – I don't want to have to picksomething healthy when I go out to eat.

So my best bet to stay healthy during the schoolyear is to just pack my own lunch.

So, things I like to pack.

Chicken salad andpasta salad are really, really good options that I can make ahead of time and then justtake them on the go.

Really easy to make those things healthy.

You don't need to use mayonnaise.

I always sub Greek yogurt or avocado for mayonnaise.

And I've got a bunch of recipes for those.

Salads in a jar.

So this is like a total fad going around and it's super cool.

But prettymuch you put all your salad ingredients – it can be lettuce, tomatoes, beans, fruit – anythingyou want, you put it in the jar.

I recommend putting the lettuce on the top because it'llget soggy if you put it at the bottom.

And I also recommend not putting the dressingin until you are going to actually eat it because it starts to be a little mushy.

But you can prep these for like a whole weekand it'll totally – when I make salads in a jar I will actually eat a salad every daybut if I don't make it then there is like a 10% chance I’ll eat a salad.


Smoothies are great.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack – anytime of the day you can throwin vegetables, fruits.

You don't even need milk, yogurt or anything.

You can just putit with water and ice and it's great.

You don't need to add sweetener.

If you use fruitit's plenty sweet and you can also make those in advance.

And you can freeze them and theneat them as ice cream for a dessert.


Alright so my go-to dinner on busy nightsis eggs, frittatas, any kind of egg meal like I usually use egg whites or substitute ifI'm going to do scrambled eggs.

If I'm going to eat fried eggs I of coursewant the yolk.

But frittatas are one way that I can get all my vegetables in.

So one thingabout prepping, meal prep and stuff – I don't like to eat a bunch of raw vegetables so evenif I cut them up, I'm not going to go grab for them and reach them to eat them plain.

But I will put them in eggs because eggs disguise everything and make them taste great.

So that'sa really big go-to dinner.

Same with pizza.

So get like a solid whole wheat crust or tryout my garbanzo bean flour crust.

That one’s super quick and easy to make.

Put a bunchof vegetables on there and you got your veggies in for the day.

Any slow cooker recipes.

One of my favoriterecent ones is my Tex Mex Quinoa.

You can make it on the weekend or you can throw allthe stuff in at the beginning of the day, go out for work and stuff, you come back andit's cooked.

Ready to go.


We forgot to talk about sandwiches at lunch but youall know that.

That's normal.

But a hot sandwich – get a Panini press – they are like $10-15at Duane Reade and you can make hot sandwiches.

So a few appliances to keep around: Paninipress, Nutribullet, toaster/toaster oven – I don't know if dorms allow toaster ovens.

Mysister was saying that they don't allow them anymore.

But anyways, just the basics.

You don't need a lot of appliances but justa few will help give you a lot more variety in your diet.

Also for dinner, sweet potatoes.

They are so easy to microwave.

They take a while to roast in the oven but if you don'thave time for that, throw them in a microwave for a few minutes, cut it open, put a littlepeanut butter on it and you’re good to go.

Alright, some snack ideas.

So, bean salsais something I love to keep in the fridge every single week.

My bean salsa recipe, it'sactually my mom's recipe, but it's really good.

You just take a bunch of canned stuff,put it into a bowl and mix it up and you’re done.

And it's a really good source of protein,it's vegetarian.

So if you are trying to do a little more meatless,that's a good option.

I eat it plain, I eat it with vegetables, I eat it with chips orcrackers, on sandwiches, anything.

It's just awesome.

Also the link for that will be below.

Boiled eggs.

You can boil up eggs easy peasy.

Either, actually boiling them over the stoveor baking them in the oven and just grab and go.

Those are quick snacks.

Celery in a jarwith peanut butter.

This is a really clever idea.

You can do these before and they don'ttake really long to assemble right before you leave.

Just put some peanut butter inthe jar or grab an almost empty peanut butter jar, throw some little sticks of celery inthere and you're good.

Making your own trail mix.

So homemade trailmixes are a better option than the store-bought just because the store-bought tends to havea lot of added sugars and salt.

So making your own is easy.

Get some nuts that you like.

Get some raisins or cranberry, whatever dried fruit.

Maybe a few M&M's, but not too manyand you got a trail mix good to go.

Another favorite snack: brown bag popcorn.

So I amoff of bagged, microwaveable popcorn, like the pre-bagged kinds because of everythingI've been hearing about all the chemicals in the bag, it's like.

Usually I'm not likea chemically person but for some reason it's freaking me out.

And then I discovered this way that you canmake popcorn in a brown bag just normal.

All you do is put a few kernels in the bag, throwthem in the microwave, put it on for a few minutes.

You don't need any oil, no butter,nothing.

You can just put a little salt or little seasoning and you got perfect popcorn.

And it's healthy and low calorie and whole grain.

Okay, another snack.

Dried figs.

Theseare one of my new favorite things.

So I’m going to tell you a secret that I'm kind ofembarrassed to even admit but until a few month ago – because I teach fitness classes,I told you guys that before – but I had this habit of stealing all the sugar packets fromDunkin Donuts and before I would teach a class I would shoot back a sugar packet for energy.

Because I don't like taking energy drinksand stuff.

And I know that's really terrible.

I mean it’s not that terrible.

It's likeone sugar pack, it's not going to kill you but I just did it for the energy and it mademe feel – I don't know.

Anyways I did that and then a few months ago I switched and Istarted, I was like 'oh I should try these dry figs'.

And they are really good and sugary,no added sugar, they are just naturally, they have a lot of natural sugar in them.

And youdon't want to eat a million dried figs but I'll just now eat one or two dried figs beforea class and I won't eat my sugar packet.

So small changes in the journey help.

Alright, another good snack or sweet treatoption: any of my two ingredient recipes.

If you didn't get to see the Two-IngredientTakeover series, check it out now.

But especially those brownies – all you do, brownie mix andpumpkin.

Boom! You got brownies.

My two ingredient cookies – those banana oatmeal ones will lastin the fridge if you make them on the weekend.

So we've come to our Sunday prep.

I like tolimit, like I said, my prep to one hour.

So you go to the grocery store – this doesn'tcount in the time – you get everything you need, whatever.

The basic prep I do.

Let'ssay you take the first ten minutes and you dedicate that to prepping your protein.

So I would probably use lean chicken or somethinglike that.

Maybe extra lean ground turkey.

So whether it's cutting off the fat of thechicken or cutting it down, whatever.

Prepping your protein to cook – ten minutes.

That'sa really liberal amount of time.

You shouldn't need ten minutes to do that but let's justsay you do.

Thirty minutes.

The next thirty minutes, your protein is cooking so it's onthe stove, it's in the oven, whatever it's doing, you spend the first fifteen minutesjust cutting up fruits and vegetables.

So everyone thinks that that's the most dauntingpart.

It doesn't take that long if you actually just have it all out and go on the cuttingboard and do it.

You spend the first fifteen minutes cutting up fruits and vegetables,put them in Tupperwares, that's it.

The second fifteen minutes, you are goingto make your staple snack.

So, your bean salsa, your hummus, any kind of those dipping sauces,whatever that you want to encourage you to eat vegetables.

So then your protein is done.

You let it chill.

You have twenty minutes left in your hour.

You’re going to spendten more minutes doing those miscellaneous things.

So whether it be making some pastaso that you.

Or quinoa to make pasta salad, hot or cold.

Maybe this is the time when youboil your eggs or make your trail mix or just spend about ten minutes making a few of thosethings.

And then spend the last ten minutes cleaning up.

So if you are efficient whileyou’re doing it, you won't have that much clean up.

If you can keep it all kind of containedand have your Tupperwares ready to go.

It's not so bad.

So, there you go.

Meal prepan hour.

That's literally all I do before the week.

So the rest of it, I just kind ofdo as I go because it allows me to keep variety and keep my diet interesting.

Like I saidI cannot eat the same thing every single day.

I can eat leftovers but not the exact samething for all the meals every day.

But remember, whether you are a meal prep person or not,your success is not going to be determined by whether or not you meal prep.

It's justgoing to be about how dedicated you are.

Prepping a few things like cutting up those fruitsand vegetables, keeping them accessible, will encourage you to be healthier.

I know if I don't cut up the fruit, if I leavethe cantaloupe sitting out on the counter and I don't cut it when I get home – it'snot even about whether or not I have time.

Let's be real, I'm lazy and I don't want tocut the cantaloupe right then.

But if I have it cut up in the fridge already I'm goingto pick it up and eat it.

So rather than grabbing the processed food or the bag of chips oryour roommate's pop tarts, grab your fruit and your vegetables, and your hummus and yourbean salsa.

You are going to have to make time for what's important.

If you really wantto see this change happen and stay true to it then you've got to make the time to prephowever you need to whether it's an hour or five hours, whatever way is going to helpyou succeed, that's what you got to do.

Reorganize your day.

It's not that we don't have time,it's that we don't make time.

So if you make the time I promise you cansucceed whether you are a meal prepper or not.

So whether you’re back to school oryour kids are back to school, I hope everybody is ready for an awesome Fall and I'll seeyou next week.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you: this Sunday we’re going to startposting Mind Over Munch vlog.

So every Sunday you'll see a new one.

But this Sunday is thevery first one and it's going to show you what I eat in a day.

So you are going to seesome of the things I talked about here.

You are going to see some things I didn't talkabout here.

But may be that'll help give you some more ideas for you to have a successfulschool year, semester, whatever it may be.

See you then.

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