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Quick & Easy Sicilian Pizza Welcome to another episode of Minute Meal Today we are going to make one minute pizza Ok, so let's run through the ingredients list You are going to need some oregano and some buffalo mozzarella, some wild rocket, a sheet of puff pastry, some prosciutto, some cherry tomatoes and of course some pasata Let's start the timer Put the tomatoes on a downward facing plate slice them in half You'll see this technique in the tricolore con bufala video Now grab your puff pastry and unroll it out Oh, its a bit sticky here.

Had a bit of trouble unroll, unroll, unroll oops, wrong side up There we go Now peel of the paper You're going to want to grab your pasata Pour on a good dollop Using the ladle you can spread it out evenly making sure you cover most of the puff pastry now its time to chuck on the tomatoes we are going to grab our basil and oregano Ah, I think we're running out of time! Chuck on the mozzarella and we're done! Into the oven at 180 degress Set the timer to 20 minutes Now go and have some fun! *Dramatic music* Guys, I'm going to make this really short and sweet Because that smell is going up my nostrils and it smells absolutely delicious so let's make this quick and then I can eat my pizza You can put whatever topping you want on it I went with the prosciutto and rocket version and added a little bit of sesame oil but it tastes delicious without anything added on top I think that's going to be the end Lets stop the film.

I really want to eat! That was absolutely delicious.

You guys have to try this recipe Up next week is one minute Sardinian chicken so remember to subscribe and like! See you next week.

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