Whole Wheat Bread Recipe : Activating Yeast for Wheat Bread

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My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of ExpertVillage.

Today I'm going to show you how to make whole wheat bread.

Alright, so firstthing we are going to do is attach our whip attachment.

We're going to lower the bowldown here and I'm going to put my warm water in, something about one hundred degrees, onehundred and five, one hundred fifteen.

I'm going to add my yeast as well, make sure youget all the yeast in there, raise the bowl up and turn this on low just to stir it.

Whatwe are doing here is activating the yeast, the yeast is actually a living organism, sothe warm water will help activate it and get the yeast started doing its thing.

At thispoint your probably also going to want to grab a spatula just to, because the yeastis going to stick to the sides inside there, so what you're going to want to do is grabthe spatula and scrap the sides down periodically.

I'm just going to turn it off for a second,lower it, and just use my spatula to make sure that all the piece's that are stuck onthe sides are getting attended to and you will also notice it will start to let offa very peculiar smell, that's just the yeast doing it's thing, so nothing to be concernedabout there.

You can even turn it on high, you will want it to go just for you know aminute or two to make sure the yeast is fully dissolved and fully activated.

Shouldn't takemore than I don't know, a minute or so.

Now what we are going to do since this has beengoing for a second is we're going to add our butter and our milk and our sugar.

Specificallythough, we are going to add the sugar first, because the sugar is what feeds the yeast.

So we are going to take the brown sugar that we got and also with the warm water it willhelp the brown sugar to dissolve.

There's that.

Now, if your butter is still reallywarm, you don't want to add it yet, because it will actually kill the yeast.

So what wewill do is just add our milk a little bit at a time, like this, like half our milk.

Then we will just pour our butter right into our milk and that would keep you from havingbutter that is way too hot.

You could just slowly add that in as well.

So now you gota really interesting mixture of sugar, yeast, water, milk and butter and what will happenis when you add the butter to the milk if the milk is cold, the butter solids and butterfat will harden up in the cup.

Got to make sure you get those out because that's a goodpart of the recipe right there.

You guys, we are going to let this mix for a few minutes,make sure it's all nice and mixed up, then we will go on to our next step.

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